Aboriginal cultural education for your work place

What does cultural capacity training or being ‘culturally capable’ mean?
How do you know if you need cultural competency training or cultural awareness training?

Let’s go to the core question: What does it mean to be culturally capable? There are steps to achieving cultural safety within your organisation. With each team member having varying understandings or experiences. To understand cultural safety, we much distinguish it from cultural awareness and cultural sensitivity. This is not a political correctness, it is correcting the lack of education we as Australians have had access to about Australian Aboriginal people and culture. And how our actions today can help close the gap evident as a result of the past.

Aboriginal culture is diverse and dynamic. Cultural capacity training fosters workplace and community cultures to respect and value the skills, experiences, and perspectives of Aboriginal employees and citizens. Tapping into this rich cultural experience and understanding through a lens of cultural competence rewards all those who participate . You can join our scheduled training sessions open to the public – or have a session designed especially for your team.


Join a training session

We host our own standardised cultural capacity training where registration is per person. See the scheduled sessions on the right of this page, CONTACT US or visit our EVENTS PAGE.


Training for your team, school or care

Cultural capacity training packages are varied in content and delivery to suit the needs of the client and participants ensuring the content is engaging and useful in your work pace.

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