It is mandatory for all educators to include Aboriginal perspectives in their teaching programs and these perspectives are to be based on localised knowledge to the areas where they are teaching.

However, many teachers do not feel confident enough to effectively do so. There are simply not enough appropriate, readily available, resources linked to the new Australian curriculum for them.

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Since 2020, we have delivered Deadly Teachers, Solid Jarjums program for the NSW Department of Education.

That’s where we come in. As providers of teachers professional development endorsed by the National Education Standards Authority (NESA) we offer localised, accredited expert training in Aboriginal culture.

Since 2020, we have delivered the Deadly Teachers, Solid Jarjums program for the NSW Department of Education and the Aboriginal education PD contract for NSW TAFE educators in Early Education.

We deliver the program in the Hunter, and Central Coast and New England regions. Additionally, the program operates online with our new E-Learning platform, with localised content linked to the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF).

We also offer more online cost-effective options, on a wide range of topics, all linked to cultural knowledge and curriculum outcomes, with sample units of work and ready-made lesson plans.

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What we provide:

  • NESA-accredited professional development
  • Culturally-appropriate and locally endorsed Aboriginal education resources
  • Lesson suggestions and units of work linked to the Early Learning Framework (ELFW) and Australian curriculums’ assessable outcomes.
  • Cultural enrichment and wellbeing programs, such as weaving, possum skin cloak making and artefact making
  • One-off workshops, guest lectures and whole-day NAIDOC Week celebrations in schools, preschools and community settings
  • Online professional development via our E-learning platform.

15% of our all training helps fund our social impact programs.

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