We help local councils by providing Aboriginal Cultural Capability support via training, resources, events and consulting.

Local governments can play a central role in advancing reconciliation outcomes through engaging local communities. As the level of government closest to communities, they are well-placed to lead and influence positive changes at the local level.

Local Government NSW states that the specific cultural needs of Aboriginal peoples should be incorporated in planning for council functions, services and responsibilities, including revenue raising, service provision, statutory planning and regulatory functions, and employment.

"Councils need an understanding of their local Aboriginal peoples and cultural ways of doing business in order to develop mechanisms to involve Aboriginal peoples in council decision making and service development. Services offered must be meaningful and realistically provided; they must also be responsive, relevant and flexible for Aboriginal peoples.’ Local Government NSW
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Council staff cultural awareness training

Our training includes the following:

  • Local Aboriginal historical events and their impact on contemporary Aboriginal peoples
  • Local places of Aboriginal significance
  • Local Aboriginal heritage
  • Identification of local nations and clans
  • Important demographic data
  • Local Aboriginal organisations, their roles, their leadership
  • Local Aboriginal peoples and communities, their make-up, issues and leadership
  • Contemporary Aboriginal culture, including art, music and drama
  • Effective communication with Aboriginal peoples (including culturally sensitive problem solving).


We provide advice and support to councils developing policies and procedures relating to engagement with Aboriginal peoples and the provision of services. Learn more about Speaking in Colour consulting services here.

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