Cherie Johnson is available as a speaker Master of Ceremonies (MC) and panel host/guest, for conferences, events, festivals and forums.

Cherie is an ambassador for Aboriginal education and champions the revival of traditional cultural practices. Cherie is also highly sought after as a facilitator of cultural capacity training courses and team-building workshops with cultural intelligence. Her friendly approach and extensive local knowledge are invaluable in building a better understanding of the Hunter Region’s unique Aboriginal cultures.

Cherie Johnson
Cherie Johnson

Cherie is also a visual artist and photographer who shows her compelling works in galleries in Australia and internationally.

If you need an Independent facilitator to bring Aboriginal perspectives to your workshops and ceremonies, Cherie’s engaging and solution-focused approach can help your team strategise and get to the bottom of discussions.

For conferences, events, forums, team building activities, RAP development and panel discussions, you can request to book Cherie using the form below.

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