Interwoven with personal narratives the morning session covers a wide range of topics to help the participant have a greater understanding and empathy of where we are at today.

While the afternoon allows for greater discussion around strategy, service improvement and RAP development or implementation. Clients have the opportunity to nominate three objectives they wish to achieve as a result of this training.

For organisations booking multi sessions we allocate time to tailor your package addressing the organisational objectives, creating case studies and strategies best fit for the organisation barriers, objectives and service delivery.

Topics included in this presentation include:

  • cultural practices prior to European contact
  • rebutting some of the myths around the time of early colonial contact
  • the policies and practices, which have directly affected Aboriginal people
  • how to be an agent for change
  • how cultural revival is sweeping the nation and its role.

Included in your package:

  • a pre workshop email with home-work
  • two presenters
  • evaluations data collated and presented in a report
  • certificate for each individual
  • a where to from here PDF for further reading, viewing and exploring and a two hour cultural immersion session.

This package has two presenters or one presenter and an Elder, however additional people can be provided upon request, costs apply.

Additional costs are incurred for travel when outside of the Hunter regions, in line with ATO regulations.

Multiple sessions rate discussed on negotiation.

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