In this session we will work through the basic structure of a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP); the purpose, the visions and the process (1hr).

If you book for the full 3hr session we will cover the above as well as discuss and navigate any identified barriers and opportunities within the organisation. Brainstorm the basis and evaluation measures the organisation can integrate within the RAP.

This session is perfect for NFP and Businesses. For larger organisations it is recommended that you engage a cultural advisor from the beginning and go through the process with them.

For those in early education, visit our NESA Accredited TPL Embedding Aboriginal perspectives in EYLF as the process is via the Narragunnawali platform

Duration: 1-3 hours (set price, regardless if you need 1 hour or 3 hours)

Audience: One organisation/ business at one time

Location: On site at your location

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