Aboriginal culture is diverse and dynamic. Cultural Capacity Training TPL allows your school culture to respect and value the skills, experiences, and perspectives of Aboriginal students, teachers, and community. Tapping into this rich cultural experience and understanding through a lens of cultural competence rewards all those who participate. Interwoven with personal narratives, the Cultural Capacity Training TPL covers a wide range of topics to help participants have a greater understanding and empathy of where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are today.

Participants will:

  • learn about what it means to be culturally capable
  • understand the process to achieve cultural safety within your school
  • be able to understand cultural safety and distinguish it from cultural awareness and cultural sensitivity
  • learn to correct the misinformation about Aboriginal people and culture
  • understand how our actions today can help close the gap due to past policies and injustices
  • access localised content, which will in turn support teachers to implement cultural capability in schools and services and improve student learning
  • build confidence to acknowledge past understandings of Aboriginal culture and make change to enable authentic connection and engagement for students
  • understand the role of cultural revitalisation, its impact on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the modern world in localised settings
  • explore and plan how this knowledge can be incorporated into your pedagogical practice at services or schools.

School/service bookings at your location: If you would like to book a session just for your school, service or team, please contact the Speaking in Colour office for a personalised quote. These sessions are a 10 person minimum and travel fees may apply depending on location.

Cancellations: A cancellation fee of 50% of the cost will apply where less than three weeks’ notice is given. However, 100% of the cost will be charged where less than one week’s notice is given. Please sign and return to confirm your booking, we look forward to working with you.

*Please note: Your booking will only be held for 7 days as your days are not confirmed until this signed confirmation letter is returned

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