Yerin -Eleanor Duncan invites Speaking in Colour to help fill their cup culturally.

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Annually Yerin – Eleanor Duncan Health Aboriginal health service provides an off site for the staff to connect, reflect and build on their programs and delivery. In 2019 Speaking in Colour was engaged for one of the two days to facilitate cultural teaching, conduct team build sessions and participate in a number of cultural activities. As a result we are able to create two artworks made by all those in attendance, a woven collaborative containing a piece from each person in attendance and a baby possum skin cloak blanket to be used in family outreach programs.

Check out the video we made from the day.

Yerin – Eleanor Duncan Health Centre staff

Taught by Speaking in Colour staff (Cherie Johnson, Lynelle Elliott and Jaimie Carpenter)

2019 Grass and paper raffia


This cultural immersion session provided the opportunity for the 62 Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal staff to further develop a greater understanding of Aboriginal people and cultural practices at the offsite in September 2019.

 The collaborative artwork is a representation of the of the staff coming together and connecting on Wonnarua country in the Hunter Valley.

 The colours selected are reflective of the Yerin – Eleanor Duncan Health corporate colours as shown in the logo.

 At this stage it has been decided not to frame the art work, instead to build upon this foundation with additional staff and board contributing.

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