Children learn about traditional artefacts – what and how items are made, what materials were used. Each program offers one presenter face to face guiding children and educators to look and explore some artefacts to create a modern piece as a keepsake. Educators are given the opportunity to ask and understand how to provide culturally appropriate items for the children in their service. All materials are included.

Single session: Basic introduction to traditional artefacts, practical activity, and keepsake piece.

Three-session program: Introduction to traditional artefacts over 3 sessions, with each session providing the opportunity explore an artifact in greater detail to create and keep a modern piece inspired by traditional practice.

Parai Program: An in-depth investigation of traditional artefacts delivered over 6-10 weeks, culminating in your service participating in the making of a collaborative artefact to keep. Each session will include opportunities to be involved in the collaborative work , along with different practical activities to create individual keepsakes

‘Parai is an Awabakal word meaning Country’.

Note: extra costs may be incurred depending on artefact materials as agreed upon.

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