Aboriginal Education KIT: Possum Skin Cloaks Primary School


NEW RELEASE revamped education kits, affordable and light weight. Postage included.


NEW RELEASE- Revamped Aboriginal education kit.

Now in a light weight cardboard brief case, making it easy for travel and accessible for most educators.

Written by experienced senior cloak maker Vicki Couzens and Aboriginal teacher Cherie Johnson and endorsed by Hunter Regional AECG.

The purpose of this kit is to provide cultural understanding of possum skin cloaks, how, where and why they were utilised. This resource is designed to provide educators with the ability to implement the content and context of this utilitarian object into their classrooms.

This kit contains:

30+ lesson suggestions and activities linked to the Australian curriculum, cross KLA.

✓  Baby possum Skin Cloak                 ✓ Sample containers of Ochre (3 colours) and resin

✓ Possum Tail for games

✓ Large sample container showing: Mussel shells, waxy twine and needle.

This kit is not a how to make your own possum skin cloak, for a cultural program contact us to help facilate your schools program.

Banmirra Aboriginal Arts Corporation (Senior cloak makers) is delighted to endorse the Possum Skin Cloaks:

Banmirra Aboriginal Arts Corporation is delighted to endorse the Possum Skin Cloaks: Aboriginal Education Kit developed by Speaking in Colour in close consultation with our Elders and Community. This valuable resource supports educators, students and parents to learn about Aboriginal cultures in an empowered way. Speaking in Colour has set a new benchmark for the development of a culturally appropriate education kit and we are extremely happy with the results.

– Banmirra Aboriginal Arts Corporation

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