Aboriginal Education kit Interwoven for Primary Schools


NEW RELEASE- Revamped Aboriginal education kit. Postage included.


NEW RELEASE- Revamped Aboriginal education kit.

Now in a light weight cardboard brief case, making it easy for travel and accessible for most educators.

Written by experienced Aboriginal teachers, several master weavers and endorsed by Hunter Regional AECG.

The purpose of this kit is to provide cultural understanding of weaving, what was made, by who, why and what resources are utilised. This resource is designed to provide educators with the ability to implement the content and context of these utilitarian object into their classrooms.

This kit contains:

30+ lesson suggestions and activities linked to the Australian curriculum, cross KLA.

22 + hours  of weaving to make:

✓ Coiled basket, made with raffia                          ✓ Snake bowl, made with raffia

✓ 2x Raffia bracelet                                                   ✓ Dilly bag

✓ Gods eye                                                                   ✓ Collaborative coil

✓ Fabric bowl                                                              ✓ 2x Raffia bracelet ✓ Animal sculptures (1 x Jelly fish, 1 x turtle and 1 x fish)

This kit is not a how to make your own traditional weaving, for a cultural programs such as resurgence contact us to help facilate your schools program.

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The provision of authentic resources linked to the Australian curriculum is critical to the delivery of quality Aboriginal education. After carefully reviewing the resources developed by Speaking
in Colour, I believe they will give teachers con dence to embed Aboriginal perspective and give them access to relevant materials that will engage students in an integrated teaching and learning experience. I highly commend the resources to you and I recommend accessing Speaking in Colour’s expertise to provide quality adult professional learning to support your staff in their journey toward cultural competence.

Gail Cornford, retired Principal.

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