Cultural immersion with Aboriginal Affairs

In 2018 the Speaking in Colour Team facilitated a ‘Cultural Wellness and Empowerment Session’ for eighty (80) Aboriginal female staff from across NSW at the 2018 Annual Aboriginal Affairs Conference held at Raffey’s Resort in Lake Macquarie. Facilitator Cherie Johnson focused on providing more than just an arts and crafts session but an opportunity to encourage relationality between staff by the sharing of cultural knowledge beyond practice, by encouraging discussion to care for country and self. For many of the women these cultural practices were experienced for the first time, they participated in a weaving session, creating a wearable artwork through coil making that contributed to the groups collaborative art work. Comments from the participants included, 

“It’s so wonderful to have this opportunity, usually I am just the one who has to organise it all”.

The 5 colours used in this work, represent the 5 different departments within AA. As in this art work the connections between the departments are not always obvious. Regardless each individual plays a role in the AA story, everyone is needed and part of a team for the organisation to work.

As an organisation Speaking in Colour values supporting agencies to improve outcomes for Aboriginal people and we would like to thank Aboriginal Affairs for providing the opportunity to share this experience with their Aboriginal female staff for themselves personally and Aboriginal communities.

Cherie Johnson

Facilitator and Managing Director of Speaking in Colour

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