Yuluwiri Pearce

I am a very proud Wiradjuri woman from central west NSW. I was raised by my loving grandparents on country and now reside on Awabakal land (Newcastle)

I was brought up in a family with strong cultural heritage.

My mothers family are all Wiradjuri, while my father’s family are Noonuccal descendants on Minjerribah land. Culture and connection to the land has always played a major role in my life.

My great grandmother was Oodgeroo Noonuccal (Kath Walker) who was an Aboriginal rights activist, artist, poet, educator, environmentalist and veteran. She was best known for her poetry and was the first Aborigine to publish a book of verse. My grandfather was Denis ‘Bejam’ Walker who was an Aboriginal activist and had a lot to do with the Aboriginal community.

My Elders have taught me a lot about sharing and embracing my culture and identity and shaped me into the person I am today. I am very passionate about the Aboriginal culture and wish to learn more about community and land and helping our people.

I now have a career with Speaking in Colour as a Trainee Admin Officer, this opportunity has allowed me to share my story and culture with the community (Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal) I am very passionate about sharing culture and keeping the Aboriginal culture alive, being able to help bridge the gap to allow culture to be commonly taught in school and work places.

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