Robbie Hyde

Robbie Hyde is a proud Saibai man who was born in Newcastle City and grew up on Awabakal &Worimi Nations, he has a strong cultural up bringing passed down through his Saibai families.

‘As much as I identify as Mura-Buai Saibai (Saibai Nation), Koey-Buai Samu/Sui (Cassowary & Mud Stilt Clans), Buai Anu (Anu family), on my Grandmother side, in recent years I discovered I am also descended from Mura-Buai Moa (Moa Nation), Buai Namok (Namok Family),
who I am slowly getting to know.

Life as an Islander on the mainland is different to the Islands, as there are many distractions down here, although having a strong up bringing has made me very aware of the differences between my Island Family & my Australian Family, which I try to keep in balance daily.

I had lived in Bamaga, QLD for a couple of years, which is a very different world to Newcastle life, but it gave me time to really take in what I had been taught my whole life. My uncle Jesse Sagaukaz was one of my major mentors in my up bringing, at his passing it awakened in me the drive he had to keep culture alive.

These days I continue to contribute as much as I can to the communities while Attending the University of Newcastle studying business and trying to balance Family time & work. God, Culture and Family are a priority to me & need an equal balance, so what hope to bring to the Speaking in colour
team is educational for anyone I have the pleasure to teach & work with.

What I hope to bring – A unique look at the North Western Torres Strait Island culture, that covers Saibai & Bamaga History, Stories, Song, Dance & some Kalaw Kawaw Ya language along the way.


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