Bronwyn Cochrane is a proud Gamilaraay woman from North West N.S.W. She is an Aboriginal primary school teacher with over 20 years’ experience in the education field and is the founder and CEO of TIPIAC, Teaching Indigenous Perspectives In the Australian Curriculum.

Bronwyn has spoken at events about the importance of Education and Indigenous perspectives in classrooms. She is very passionate about helping to close the educational gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous children and helping teachers across Australia feel confident in teaching Indigenous perspectives in their schools and centres. Her aim is to give teachers both resources and confidence through TIPIAC’s support network to teach Indigenous perspectives in all Key Learning areas.

“I know how enriching and diverse my culture is and am very passionate about sharing it. I believe that it is vital and unique to Australian teachers and students to be able to learn about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples culture, history and spirituality.” ~Bronwyn Cochrane~

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