Anita Watts

Anita Watts is a Wiradjuri  woman who resides in Newcastle, NSW. Her father’s people are  from Darlington Point the Riverina area of NSW. Her grandmother was born at Warengesda Mission.

Anita is a Senior Lecturer in Aboriginal Health at the University of Newcastle. She believes that education is essential to close the gap in Indigenous Health inequity. She also works as a general practitioner. She’s passionate about delivering high quality medical care to both her Indigneous and non Indigenous patients.

Anita graduated from the University of Newcastle in 1996 with a Bachelor of Medicine and obtained her Fellowship of the Royal Australian College of General Practioners in 2003 . Anita is a former board member of the Australian Indigenous Doctor’s Association and a current board member of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioner’s Faculty of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health.

Anita is one of only 35 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander General Practitioners in Australia and one of  approximately 280 Indigenous doctors.

Anita works with the Speaking in Colour team as a presenter on Aboriginal health.

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